Laurence is the 15 years old son of our Premier Coach and PDL Director Alex Silva. He is a wonderful big brother to his 4 yr. old sister Gabrielle, and a terrific son. He loves to play soccer in the spring and fall for Issaquah Soccer Club(ISC), and enjoys snowboarding at Snoqualmie pass in the winter. He’s a loyal friend to his buddies, and likes playing Mine Craft and FIFA with them. He has a great sense of humor and is always making people laugh. This spring he graduated eighth grade from Issaquah Middle School, and is scheduled to attend Issaquah High school as a Freshman in the fall. Laurence is compassionate, thoughtful, and adored by all his friends and family.

This past June life changed for all of us quite suddenly when Laurence found a small bump on the back of his thigh. It didn’t’tseem too alarming but we had it looked at right away just to be sure. His doctor thought it was most likely a boilor perhaps a spider bite. However, after trying to treat it with no success, we were sent to a pediatric surgeon to have it removed. After surgery we were informed that it was a much larger mass (under the skin) than we initially thought and would need to have the cells sent to a lab for further tests. On the day of Laurence’s 8th grade graduation we were given the news that the mass was a tumor and it was malignant. The diagnosis was a rare form of Anaplastic Large Cell Non Hodgkin’sLymphoma (ALCL).

While this news has rocked us to our core, and we are completely devastated, this is our new reality and we have rallied around Laurence, and promised him we will fight with all that we have to get him through this. Being positive and strong for him and with him has become our daily mantra. Laurence has had a very difficult few weeks with numerous tests, labs, scans, and meetings. He knows he has a long uphill battle ahead of him and heis ready to get started with chemo treatments soon. He’s staying strong and focused on winning this fight with his family right alongside him!


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